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Welcome to the future of modern smart fans, designed to adapt to your routine, reduce energy costs, and make life simpler all year-round.

No other company in the industry offers the seamless technological innovation, elite craftsmanship, and sleek style across such a vast selection - from 38" to 120" fans.

Control everything locally from a wall or anywhere from the palm of your hand - the exclusive Modern Forms app communicates via WiFi and integrates with other smart home devices you already own.


App Compatible

A new standard in smart lighting, coupled with the controllability of the Philips Hue system, these collections are a great combination of style and technology. At the swipe of the finger or call out to a Home Control kit, one can enjoy the health benefits of regularly changing color temperature and create a warm ambience while dining or bright white light for a workstation setting.

Compatible with a variety of other devices including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and any other Zigbee protocol device, these pendants present the new generation of lighting.



Lithonia's recessed 6SL LED Wireless Speaker Downlight module provides an easy and efficient way to light up a room and enjoy music for the entire family.

The 6SL Wireless Speaker Downlight is compatible with music streaming apps and can stream audio from your mobile device via Bluetooth™. Easily pairs wirelessly up to eight units for a more enhanced and balanced sound experience and features an internal Li-ion battery included for up to 6-hour play time without light being on. Perfect to retrofit into existing 6” downlight cans or new construction and remodel applications.

690 Lumens | 13W watts
Warm white color, 4000K
Dimmable; charges battery when dimmed entirely.

Needs only 4 hours of the light on to recharge.

Ideal for outdoors and bathroom applications.

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