Portable lighting can deliver ambient, task and accent lighting while giving you the flexibility to move the light wherever you want. Table lamps, floor lamps and torchieres (floor lamps with an uplight component) are available in a variety of styles to complement your interior design. Small specialty lamps, such as clip-on-lights, adjustable task lights and desk and accent lamps, fill a variety of task, ambient and accent lighting needs.

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About Lamps

The Lighting New York Lamps Collection brings portable versatility to your home. Shop lamps that add a sculptural element to your décor, focus on tabletops for task work or amplify ambient lighting with an upward focused cast — with floor lamps also known as torchieres. Our collection includes a wide array of colors, finishes and styles to complement your décor. Find a rainbow of colorful options, subtle traditional pieces and eye-catching contemporary choices in our collection of floor, table, desk lamps and more.

Floor Lamps & Torchieres

Floor lamps are real multitaskers. Place them in corners, behind furniture or beside tables to complement flush or semi-flush mount ceiling lights. Find dimmable, ADA-compliant and Energy Star options that let you create a mood or focus on a specific task area. Shop sleek modern designs with adjustable arms, vintage styles with convenient attached tables, transitional looks that update traditional décor and more. Also find torchieres with upward shades that add to a room’s overall light profile.

Table Lamps: Form & Function

Light up any room while adding a decorative touch with table lamps from our collection. Shop lamps that express your personality on the bedside table, in the living room or even in hallways on a console table. Find unique designs that fit your décor theme, like nautical, nature-inspired or early American.

Desk Lamps: The Ultimate Task Lighting

Get down to business with desk lamps from our collection that focus on productivity. When it comes to choosing the perfect desk lamps, lighting adjustment is crucial. Find options with double bulbs, bendable necks, dimmers and more features to create custom work areas. Our collection includes hundreds of styles, materials and finishes to complement your professional personality.

Shop Lamps & Accessories at Lighting New York

Find bulbs, dimmer switches and other lighting accessories at Lighting New York. From glass light shades replacements to LED tape to clips for track lighting and so much more, we make it easy to complete any lighting project without hassles. All qualifying orders ship for free, and our Lighting Experts are available on the phone, by email and in live online chats to help you choose the perfect lighting every time.