Carla & Jimi

Designers | Regina Andrew Detroit

The yin to each other’s yang, this dynamic married duo has a complimentary style that creates a perfect balance of grit and grace.

Carla REGINA Zajac - Carla is grace with cool femininity that she brings to work every day, with her vintage army jacket and beloved dogs always in tow, she guides the creative direction in absolute beautiful harmony. Through her gifted artistic vision, unmistakable style, and steadfast resolve Carla is the visual storyteller of RAD.

James ANDREW Slaven - Accomplished musician, artist, and entrepreneur Jimi leads RAD with rock in his veins and a fierce originality that is very much a reflection of the city he calls home. He will often be found on a new adventure, stretching the boundaries of inspiration and design. He brings beautiful ingenuity and an endless flow of energy, while rocking the belief that anything is possible.