Sean Lavin

Designer | Generation Lighitng & Tech Lighting

Sean Lavin is the Chief Design Officer for Visual Comfort & Co. He collaborates closely with Visual Comfort & Co.’s Modern Design Partners to bring their concepts to life while also launching his own signature designs. Over the past 20 years Sean has set Tech Lighting’s brand and product assortment direction. He is responsible for designing many of Tech Lighting’s most important collections including some of his favorites which include Mina, Spur, Sedona and more recently Nyra and Bau.

Sean is known for his sophisticated, modern design aesthetic combined with the most current LED technology. Sean favors clean lines, natural materials and a neutral color palette that make a strong statement while also marrying with the surroundings. Sean appreciates that lighting is one of the most important elements that impacts every other design detail and sets the mood and emotion for the entirety of the space.